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YAAKAAR, Inc. is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the livelihood of children in Africa.

Vision and Purpose

Our Purpose:


To improve the lives of children in African developing countries through education providing school supplies, tutoring, technology, and after-school activities. Develop Youth Programs to help keep kids off the street. Empower mothers in order to become more self-sufficient. Help save lives through CPR training and public health education & awareness and providing access to safe water. Campaigns for children unable to enter exams due to a lack of proper identification such as an official birth certificate thru means such as Media and Videos. 

Our Vision:

To improve the overall livelihood of children in Africa so that they can become productive adults. 

Our Mission:

To educate children, empower mothers, provide a better and healthier outcome.

Working 2gether, Winning 2gether!

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